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Using data and analytics for high-value insights

We understand that financial services industry is facing unprecedented change as it moves toward digitalization. We offer consultancy on how to maximize data to address unresolved issues that are critical to achieving full and meaningful financial inclusion. Data management in financial industry often fail to create a link between the enterprise data and business needs. As a result, users may struggle to use data available to find the hidden needles of actionable insights

We help companies to capture it all: customer information, financial transactions, product and service purchase histories, customer journeys, marketing campaigns, service inquiries, market feeds, social media streams, software logs, and text messages (including emails and SMS), plus those updated sources. We will bring them into actionable ideas and more opportunity

We Have qbot application to support CRM

(Customer Relationship Management) implementation

To support financial industry, we already have platform called Qbot. Our apps offer the functionality as front-liner mobile application, meaning you have more control of your business and get closer to your customers. We will help you build a customer-facing system that is able to flexibly respond to customers’ personal needs.

What we will do using data:

  • Makes it easier to identify customers

  • Makes it easier to group customers

  • Makes it easier to communicate with customers

  • Makes it easier to recognize customer characteristics

qbot has been used by :

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